There are many things to know, but before delving into this, I want to make this clear to you, in case you are here for simple curiosity:

  1. The truth can be destabilizing for many, deceived about life, the meaning of their existence and the world. They are people who believe in lies, and some more, some less, we are all educated to believe in lies, because they wanted us slaves, not free men. Many people’s beliefs are founded on lies. The truths can make you feel the ground move under your feet, up to causing existential crises, that is to no longer knowing who we are and where we live . So, I advise you to think about it before entering. In other words, enter at your own risk .
  2. What you will read on the following pages is what I can say publicly. The rest I will say only of person , or in groups of at least 50 people, through the Arca Project .
  3. The world is full of cazzari, we know, and I’m the first to say it. They are the real cause of the imprisonment of the masses in the artificial world (Matrix).
    This is how it works … Government agencies circulate the lies, but then all those who believe them then parrot them, until they invade the minds of billions of people around the world, contributing to deception and illusion. I am not one of those. I these charlatans who pass themselves off as bearers of truth but who instead do nothing but ruminate bullshit and revomit amplified them, I condemn them. They speculate on people’s need to know and understand and aim to build audience. There are some in all sectors, from information to economics and finance, from entrepreneurship to politics.
    The things they say are what make audiences, what the people, the deceived, can understand, which are the comforting lies, not the truth . It is called demagogy and praising populism. I am not part of these cazzari.
  4. We need to change the world, passing from the world of slaves, one in which nothing works, to the world of the free, one in which life works as it should, according to the rules of nature and according to the true meaning of human life, that if you continue reading you will find out what it is.
    You have to be part of the world I’ve been in for almost twenty years, but you have to reach a higher level than I was in.

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