In short, we are too many, we consume too much and, in most cases, we produce very little. The balance between productivity and consumption is about to unbalance, and this is causing a lot of malaise and a lot of suffering to many people on Earth, as well as to the ecosystem on which life on our planet is based.

As the years go by, the situation gets worse and worse, and if no one intervened, we would arrive at global collapse, that is, the hitch of the productive machine on which human life and the progress of humanity are based, which would bring consequences. dramatic for humanity and beyond.
Well, someone is intervening, and these are the leaders of all the countries of the world, who aligned according to a program called Agenda 21, aim to eliminate excessive consumers, that is, those who produce little and who, overall, consume too much. They are a ballast to progress, a ballast that must be eliminated, to guarantee the new generations a world in which they can thrive.

This is what many today know as a great reset, which is nothing more than an operation to restore the balance between productivity and consumption, as well as the balance of distribution of wealth , which has reached a level of inequality, to say the least obscene.

The ultimate goal is to create a better world, a world in which men can live in perpetual balance with nature .

What has been happening since the beginning of 2020, with the excuse of the Corona Virus, a seasonal flu passed off as a bubonic plague, is the beginning of the end for many people, condemned to elimination , after have been deprived of all rights , including those to freedom of movement and procreation . Yes, they will deprive people of the right to move freely and will be prevented from reproducing. But this is only part of what the masses are doomed to. The rest I will tell only to those who approach who are interested in solving, that is, to save themselves.

All this, I repeat, to eliminate excessive consumers and those who are no longer useful for productive purposes, which are about to be replaced by machines, within public and private organizations.

The first to leave will be the elderly, victims of viruses created in the laboratory (Covid-19 was created in a university in North Carolina, in the United States of America), and vaccines, then it will also be up to the youngest, more and more, which will be replaced by machines , which over the years will become more and more capable and more and more useful for productive purposes . Over the years, the number of men that can be replaced by machines will increase more and more, leaving more and more men without work, who will no longer be able to exist, because they would be too great a burden, unsustainable, for society.

If you are not part of the millionaire elite who make money even while they sleep, you have a big problem to solve, which I repeat is called loss of all rights and eternal slavery, that is, until the last of your days. It is a problem that can be solved, but not by everyone, indeed by a few, who are those who are very hungry for real life , that is, those who are not satisfied with surviving, as animals, but who they want to live, like real men .

The solution is a question of productivity and contribution to social progress; only those who produce a lot and contribute a lot to progress will be able to save themselves from going like the rat

The world population is now divided into two groups of people, super producers and excessive consumers. The former contribute a lot to the social development and progress of humanity, more precisely they contribute a lot to make the productive machine on which productivity and social progress are based, the latter, on the other hand, in addition to no longer contributing or contributing very little, they slow it down. Unlike animals, whose interest is to carry on the species, man works hard to make it progress and to make it evolve. Those who do not contribute to progress and development, that is, those who are not useful in this sense, cannot exist. a third of the population is considered a ballast to the progress of humanity, a ballast the masters of the world, those who have the power to decide for everything and everyone on Earth, want to eliminate.

As the productivity of machines, which equipped with artificial intelligence will become more and more capable, will decrease more and more humans. It is something that we cannot prevent, because no one can limit man in committing himself to grow more and more, to produce more and more, to progress more and more and to evolve more and more. It is our nature , a nature that punishes anyone who goes against it.

The data on the distribution of wealth demonstrate, in a nutshell, the above concept of the division of the world population into two groups, the super producers and the excessive consumers. The first are free men, the second are not, they are slaves, that is, they beat each other from morning to evening to make their masters feel better and better, who are the ones who benefit from their work.

If you have been sentenced to house arrest at the beginning of 2020 (lock-down), without having put any crime, and if you are a victim of the tax burden, that is, if you are obliged, by law, to pay more than half of what you earn, to the state, then you are part of the slaves.

The former work for themselves, the latter work for others. The former make money even while they sleep and with the passage of time they get better and better, while the latter, on the contrary, have to beat more and more, for less and less.
What allows the former to grow more and more is the knowledge and the ability to exploit the System.

The System is the productive mechanism on which the life of man on Earth is based. The System is the world. If you are not aware of the world, you live accordingly to the will of others, who are those who know the System and know how to exploit it and who hold the balls to all the others, who do not know it. This means that if you want to live in freedom and you don’t want to be held by the balls, you have to learn the System and you have to organize yourself to exploit it, which is what I can teach you.

So, the solution to the Agenda 21, New World Order or Great Reset problem lies in becoming super producers , in order to become super contributors to the progress of humanity . Those who manage to do so will be able to live in freedom, while those who cannot, will only be able to aspire to survival, governed by a socialist regime that provides that the people are detained under house arrest and monitored on sight in every aspect of their life, without any rights, not even that for travel and not even for procreation.

For the vast majority of people, i.e. 90% of the population, the problem is not a question of life or death, but of life or survival , and the project The Solution, based on a plan very precise that it consists in reaching a great level of productive capacity, of well-being in the round, not only of economic productivity, it is only for those who want to live .

In conclusion … The world as we know it is about to end and a new one is about to begin. In the new world, things like freedom, prosperity and happiness will be a luxury for very few, for those who help make the world a better place .

If you want to be a part of these then I can help you.

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