They no longer want rats among their balls , and they will do everything, indeed they are already doing it, to eliminate them.

If you were forced to house arrest in early 2020 (lock-down), without having committed any crime, and if you are forced to obey the rules created to contain the false pandemic, then you are part of the rats, that is, you are part of the class. social mass, of institutionalized , and as such you are condemned to lose all rights and to live as a recluse and as a special guard, for the rest of your days. The same goes for your children.

The last thing we want to hear is that we are worth nothing, that we are mice, but this is the truth for 90% of the population, for the bad producers, the bad contributors , who consume a lot more than they produce and, all together, they are a damage to society and to the progress of humanity.

For the most part, we are rats, we are useless for productive purposes, and we are also scum, because many people in the world today are better at causing harm than providing well-being, not only for others but also for themselves.

The time has come to get the scum off your balls, and what you are about to read is the truth that no one among those who know it says, at least not publicly, because the truth hurts and could cause unwanted social repercussions, on a scale. global.

These are disturbing truths, but they are the truths that must be accepted as such, if we want to save ourselves and if we want to continue living as real men, not as rats or as slaves.

The mass is doomed, because people are unable to accept the truth and because they are educated to defer to the will of others (the divine savior or the rulers) but some can be saved, who are those who are so hungry for real life, who do not want to see everything taken away from under their noses (elimination of private property = expropriation of assets and movable and real estate)

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