Before starting, it is essential that you understand a very important philosophical concept, which is the following: the deepest naturalness of man is not, as Aristotle argued, reducing man to a social animal, that of relating and confronting his fellow men, rather that of contributing to the development , growth , progress and evolution of the society in which it lives.

Unlike animals, social or not, man has two innate objectives, within himself, one individual and one collective: the individual one is to live happily , while the collective one, that is, as a society, is evolve.

happiness is a condition of well-being that lasts over time, the result of our abilities and our commitment to obtaining the things we need to feel good (well-being), which also includes being aware of being able to contribute positively to society .

evolution is the social condition resulting from man’s ability to increase his productivity , making less and less effort, that is, making less and less effort.

The wheel is the majority of man’s inventions, they were the consequence of man’s interest in producing more and more, striving less and less.

In order for man to live happily, in addition to getting busy to get the things he needs to be well, he must work hard so that others can also be well. He does the things we do to make others feel good too, such as taking care of the psycho-physical state of others, we also create the conditions so that others can do the same.

Have you noticed the reciprocity in everything you have just read? The life of man, the meaning of man’s life, his existence on planet Earth, is based on concepts of reciprocity, which are far superior to those on which the lives of social animals, including bees, are based. most social animals of all of all other species and social animals, even wolves or ants.

This interest in mutual welfare, that is, of one’s own and of others, makes man a superior social entity, much superior to any animal species. So, apart from having understood that Aristotle was a “boy”, one concept should be clear: your worth, as a man, is the consequence of how good you are at living according to these concepts of reciprocity.
The better you are, the more likely you are to live happily , the more you contribute to the progress, growth, progress and evolution of the society you live in, the more freedom you will be granted.

90% of the world’s population today, that is, rats, are bad at all of this, which is why they are not allowed to live in freedom. The reason why they are bad, is because they have been badly educated to life, that is, they have not been taught many things, which serve man to live to the maximum expression , according to the concepts of reciprocity of which above, which are the concepts of reciprocity on which the Vril philosophy is based, the philosophy of life of those who will be allowed to live in complete freedom in the new world, the world to come after the universal flood it will have wiped out a large part of the population.

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