The most serious mistake that can be committed is to think that man has rights. We have no right, if anything we have duties, to the world. One above all, is the duty to contribute to social progress and the development of humanity .

Slavery, the loss of all rights, vaccines and the tax burden and all the problems that haunt the lives of the people, that is 90% of the world population, are problems that can be solved by joining the 10%, that is of super contributors.

Producing is the meaning of life, because our condition of life depends on what is produced . The more we produce, the better we are and the more we contribute to the progress of humanity, the more we are worth in the eyes of the world, the more freedom we are granted. From who? From men, from the world, from the System .

The System is the mechanism on which the functioning of man on Earth is based, or rather the mechanism on which man’s productivity, his progress and his evolution are based. The System is the world, and the world is the System. If you don’t know the world, you can’t get the things you need to feel good and you can’t contribute to the progress of humanity.

More than 90% of the world population does not know how the world works, and they can only live accordingly to the will of others. This is true both for the people, for the mass, and for the politicians and celebrities, who are in the privileged 10%, but the difference between the mass and the privileged is that the former are low-ranking servants, the others are high-ranking servants, and as such, live according to the will of others, who are the famous 1%, who are the masters of the world, who are the greatest connoisseurs and greatest contributors .

The 10% of super producers also include super entrepreneurs, who are those who exploit the system and who do not have to answer to anyone for what they do, because they are the ones who make the world go round, they are the super producers who know how to exploit the maximum the System and that they are the ones on which the economies of all the countries of the world depend. In other words, they are the ones who make the world go round, because they are the ones who keep the machine (System) running and who actually make it grow and develop more and more.

Among these super producers, one part is criminal, another part is healthy. Criminals are those who, in order to grow more and more, resort to lobbying, that is, they infiltrate governments to create laws that increasingly facilitate their growth, while increasingly putting a spoke in the wheel of everyone else. The healthy are those who, on the other hand, exploit the System without acting against anyone’s interest, indeed they are those who create conditions so that others can also be well and can do the same, that is, those who live according to reciprocity rules mentioned above. The latter are the healthy entrepreneurs, and they are the ones I can help you join if you want to save yourself from going the way of the rat.

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