Elimination and eternal slavery , after having been deprived of all rights to life according to nature . This is the end to which the mediocre masses are doomed, those who, by means of chemicals that affect the brain (neurons) and through media propaganda, have been reduced to a minimum in terms of intellectual and mental capacities in general, and therefore in terms of production capacities.

If you are not part of those who make money even while they sleep, you are part of the crowd, but if you understand that this you just read above is the truth, then most likely you have not been burned in the brain and you are not a victim of media propaganda ) who turned billions of men into zombies. If you are part of the non-zombies, then what I have to tell you could help you get out of this shitty world that you are in, where life works the other way around, surrounded by people with no art or part, who are the ones I call the raped in the soul.

The raped in the soul are those who have been indoctrinated to believe in things that lead them nowhere but slavery and pit.

  • Elimination : Many will be killed. They are the ones that are no longer useful for productivity purposes. They are what are called a ballast to the progress of humanity à.
  • Eternal slavery : they are those who will continue to produce, more for others than for themselves. They will have to deliver 80% of their profits to the state, so that it can pay citizenship income. The slaves will not be free to move freely on the territory.
  • Life according to nature : surviving slaves will not be allowed to procreate and will have to learn to live on artificial satisfactions, including seeing the world through the porthole (screens of electronic devices – Facebook, movies, television, YouTube, etc.), inflatable dolls and vibrators.

The world will be divided between real men, who will thrive and animal-men, that the only thing they can aspire to is survival .

If you just need to survive, what follows is not for you. If, on the other hand, you want to live like a real man, that is, free to live your life according to the rules of creation and under the banner of prosperity, then you are in the right place at the right time:

  • Right place: I am a former member of the government and business elite and I returned to Italy, after almost twenty years of militancy in government agencies, high finance and multinationals, to tell the Italians < strong> the truths that no one, among those few who know them, says , about the current world situation, about what is about to happen and about how to save yourself from the great reset (NWO and Agenda 21), with the hope of being able to help as many people as possible to save themselves from the universal flood that is about to hit the Earth.
  • Right time: we are going through a transition phase between two eras, which will be marked by an unprecedented socio-economic crisis, which will be remembered as the most serious crisis in the history of humanity. As many know, every crisis corresponds to great opportunities for growth, progress and even enrichment. With the right information and the right plan, the problem can be solved, completely reversing the situation, from being suffering slaves to free and wealthy sovereigns. Keep Reading…